Going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo, how about you you you?

The title is part of a song my mom sings to my almost 2 year old niece on a daily basis lol And on Saturday my husband and I decided “Hey lets go to the zoo!” (And take my niece and see if my mom would like to come with us!!)

So we did just that, we picked my mom and niece up and we headed to the zoo. I haven’t been to our cities zoo in years and years. So we weren’t quite sure what to expect. I’ll be honest though all I really wanted to see was a few animals and take my niece out and spend some quality time with her. I like most people work 5 days a week and I’m lucky enough to have a day job. In saying that though this girl can go to bed pretty darn early – which between my work and going back to the gym can mean some limited time with her.

Robyn has told me about some new things they are working on with her, so we thought it would be a great chance to help them enforce the new rules but also get her to experience some new things. We saw quite a few animals on the trip, but she seemed to be most interested in the ducks. She would quack when we pointed them out and sometimes even wave at them. The other thing that she seemed to love was walking on her own while holding hands. She looked so cute while walking with my mom or my husband and she would normally be talking about something the whole time.

This blog post isn’t going to have a big life changing revelation in it, or some “helpful tips” for something. It’s just to say I love spending time with my niece, I’ve never loved another child as much as I love her. And I will always cherish these times I will get to spend with her. I’m hoping next summer my husband and I can take her on an overnight trip somewhere fun and because she’ll be older she’ll appreciate it even more. Here are some cute pics of the trip we took, and I hope everyone that reads this got to spend time with someone they love today (or any day) as much as I love her.

Tara20140831_141652 20140831_141653 20140831_144140 20140831_144337 20140831_144559 20140831_144625 20140831_145157 tiger


One thought on “Going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo, how about you you you?

  1. I remember a special weekend I had all alone with my first niece and godchild. It was so special and she filled my heart with love. To this day she is still a has a very special place in my heart. Time spent with children is the most rewarding and fulfilling time you will experience.

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