Choosing a Place to stay in Florida

By Tara Sometime in January 2015 Travelling to Florida Part 5 – I know that it’s been a while since I’ve written about travelling to Florida. This time I’ve decided to talk about finding a place in Florida to stay. Once again I’m using Florida as the place that I’m picturing when talking about these […]

Across Canada Road Trip

  Canadian Road Trip – Driving From One Coast to Another It was something I always wanted to do… hit the road and drive from one end of our beautiful country, to the other. I didn’t really know where to start; which route should I take? Which hotels should I stay at? Do I pay for […]

Las Vegas for First Time Visitors – Things You Should Know!

  Whether you’ve decided to take the plunge and head to Vegas for the first time or you’re considering it as your next vacation destination, here are a few useful things you should know. 1.  You can drink anywhere on the strip – which is four miles long! 2.  You can get half-price show tickets […]