Hindsight is 20/20

By Robyn June 26/15 They say when you have a child,  all decisions are made for them. And you make these decisions based off the knowledge you had at the time. Of course hindsight is, as they say,  20/20. And,  when you look back at your decisions, you have new knowledge. Information you did not […]

A lot Can Change in 6 Short Months.

By Robyn June 23/15 As you know, my baby girl – Alexa, is delayed.  I have been giving vague details as to what was going on, as I wasn’t ready yet to really talk about it. Well, it wasn’t that I didn’t want to…  I obviously needed to talk about it,  but I didn’t know […]


By Robyn Anticipation. When I hear that word, I usually think of positive things. Waiting for something exciting to happen. Like Christmas morning, a promotion at work… the birth of a baby. All anticipating the new great change in your life. But anticipation is not always positive. What if what you are waiting for, is […]