Sheep. Baa. Baa.



By Robyn

Feb 22/15

*** You’re now going to see a shift in topics for a bit, as I write about how I processed my daughter’s journey. Remember, these next few blogs were written in 2015.***

Do you know how hard it is when you ask your two-year-old to do something,  and she doesn’t do it?  Well, you are probably thinking “Well Robyn, that is a typical two-year*old.” and well it may be.

At this age,  small things like “Come here”  or “Pass me the cup”  developmentally should be able to be accomplished.  Of course baby girl being delayed,  it does not happen that way in this household.

We work on it everyday at home and at her little school.  She has come so far and is learning lots of words.  Yesterday she brought me a little toy sheep and went “Sheep”  and I said “Yes, a sheep.” Then she said “Baa baa”  and toddled walked away.

This was huge because she knows what a sheep is on TV,  and in a books, but she was able to show me another form which means she is generalizing it.

So as hard as it is that she doesn’t come when called,  she is still getting it.  May be a little slower than others,  but she is working  hard.

It’s me that needs to work from where she is at,  not her working from where I would like her to be

Talk soon.



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