Florida Series Part 6 – Getting Ready For The Park



By Robyn

January 22/15


I have been to Florida about 3 times as a kid and 5 times as an adult. So,  I have some great tips and tricks on things I have experienced.  Though, this next time we do go, I will have Alexa with me so I will do things I have never done,  which is going to make it all new and exciting.

Preparing for Disney is almost as exciting as going to Disney. It’s the anticipation of getting ready for the most magical place on earth.

We tried to save money as much as we can while we went.  Most of the time, We stayed at my grandmother’s condo while we went to Orlando,  where one time we rented a house. So the first thing we do when we get there is going to the grocery store so we have our meals to cook for the week.  We do eat out some,  but not every night.

Another thing we do to save cost is bring our own sandwiches for lunches,  snacks,  and a bottle of water – (freeze half the bottle of water at night and then fill it up in the morning) to the parks . At the parks you’re looking at around 15$ per person,  per meal which can add up quickly.  So since we aren’t staying on resort with meal plans,  we pack our lunches.

Another thing we do is pack a book bag.  I would say a good ratio is no more than 2-3 people per book bag (2 to 1 book bag is optimal) We once put 4 people worth of stuff in one book bag and it was just too heavy with all the walking.

In the book bag keep your lunch, snacks, bottle of water,  sunscreen,  wet naps/baby wipes, wallet (with tickets,  medical information, and cash,) A first aid kit is a good idea too.  If it’s going to rain,  a poncho might be needed as well (buy them not at the park.  Unless you want to pay an arm, a leg and your first-born to get them)

Here’s a hint for Island of Adventure Theme Park, which is a theme park at universal. If you plan on going on a water ride,  bring light foot wear and a poncho. That way, you can put your book bag and sneakers in the locker, and wear your flip-flops and poncho,  get soaking wet,  then switch out your foot wear again and you stay relatively dry and comfortable for the rest of the day.

Of course if you’re travelling with small kids still in diapers, you need your diaper bag and I would highly recommend a stroller even if your kid has outgrown them at home.  This is a lot,  and I mean a lot, of walking for an adult let alone little legs.

Before you go, you want to sunscreen every part of your body that is exposed. You’re going to want to reapply several times at the park too.  Wear appropriate clothing for the time of year,  and I cannot stress enough,  comfortable broken in shoes.

Now, that you have everything packed, your shoes on and covered in sunscreen, you’re ready for the park.  Remember you need to pay cash to park your car.  Check their website before you go,  I just looked and saw it costs currently $17 USD per car.

Once you Park your car, you can get on a trolley to get to the park.  One piece of advice for those with strollers.  You need to have your stroller completely folded on the trolley,  with all the stuff out of it and child on your lap or on the inside seat with an adult on either side. So don’t pack the stroller until you’re actually at the park,  carry your stuff in a bag that you can then stuff under the stroller and in the pockets.  The trolley will not leave until all strollers are folded. So that’s just a head up to make your life easier.

So hopefully this helps a little to start planning your trip.  It’s not much but, these tips and tricks will make your life so much easier.

Talk soon.


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