Robyn is 1/3 done the whole30!


By Robyn

Today is day 10. One third there. Woot woot! This is one of the hardest things I have ever done…  And I gave birth and recovered from a c section.

So what have I learned from day 6-10? I’ll tell you some interesting things.

  • When Stephen makes, or eats rice in front of me… I see red. I get upset. Like ridiculously upset. The type of upset when you float out of your body, you know you’re being ridiculous over how upset you are, but cannot stop. I will say I think I have more control over it now, but day 6 and 7 I was a little nutty.
  • I have a lot of energy… When I’m not ready for a nap that is. It’s like a fog has been lifted during my awake hours and I think more clearly… But I still feel tired and need to nap. Hope that goes away soon.
  • I need to bring a lot of snacks to work. More is better. The first week I was on vacation, so the withdraws happened then. But if I don’t have enough snacks I get hungry and the dreaded cheat word floats in my head.
  • Speaking of cheating, after work, I still want to go eat out. I don’t, but it still crosses my mind. I think it’s more habit than anything. I go home to my pre-made supper and I am absolutely fine.
  • Oh and those pre-made meals, I was on my feet for 3.5 hours making them, and my back didn’t hurt. Which is huge for me.
  • Finally I feel as though my double chin is less “triplely” and more “doublely”. I feel less swollen all the way around.

So there is my update. Overall I feel like my detoxing is over and now it’s on to habit breaking. I have to change my thoughts a lot but I seem to have more control. I’ll keep you posted again next week.


Talk soon.



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