Trying to learn to like the gym


I am not a person that likes physical activity. I’d be happy watching TV, playing PS4 with my husband, sitting in front of a computer, playing games on my phone, or reading all evening after work if I could. One of my favorite things is to lay in my bed with a good book for hours, and only coming out of my fog for a quick bite to eat before I dive back into bed to keep reading. I don’t think that will ever change, and considering how much my parents like to read I doubt it ever will.

But I’ve been really trying my hardest to start doing some type of physical activity. I had joined a gym a few years ago and I would have 3-4 month spurts at a time that I would go, and then 6 month spurts where I would not. But fortunately for me one of my best friends starting getting earlier shifts and she asked if I wanted to start going to the gym with her during the week. At first I was so excited! I would have someone to help keep me accountable, and someone to go with, and to talk to while I workout! I still think all of those things, but the second thing I thought about was OOHHH MAAANNN, now I have to get out of my comfort zone of being a lazy sloth, and go somewhere and sweat!?

The first few months were just so hard to go – so thank goodness for my gym buddy. We decided to try to go 4 days a week and do some weights and cardio. We didn’t always get to go the full 4 days, due to other commitments, or injury (*cough cough – I’m a klutz – cough cough). But over all we have been really great being there for one another and forcing ourselves to go.

We’re going on our 7th month of going to the gym, and I’m starting to realize as much as I find the exercises so hard, and how sore I am after we go, I don’t mind it so much. I get to spend time with a great friend, and there are days that I feel so accomplished after we workout. I have to say I’m pretty much a weakling. Especially with my arms, it’s like how do I function in day-to-day life with arms that are so weak? lol But I can actually see that I am getting stronger, I’m able to lift more and do full sets now with weights I could barely lift. It’s taking me a while but maybe one day I’ll actually like the gym…. or maybe one day I’ll be able to fly to the moon with my magical powers… lol only time with tell 😉



One thought on “Trying to learn to like the gym

  1. Hi can hear you laughing with that wonderful sound as you write the last line of your blog. I am so proud of you Tara. It is very hard to make the commitment and stick to exercise on a weekly basis. Good for you that you have a new record. You have now given me in incentive to get back at mine. My record is also only 4 months. I’m now aiming for yours.

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