Robyn’s Whole30 Day 1-4

By Robyn

My sister somehow convinced me to do the Whole30 with her this month. I am currently on day 4, and I thought I’d share a little bit of my first 4 days with you.

First of all, last weekend we prepared enough food for a week. So Tara, my brother-in-law and I chopped, mashed, boiled, baked, mixed, and blended until we had our finished products: taco soup, 2 whole chickens, tuna salad, baby potatoes, spaghetti squash, mayo, and two types of salad dressing.

So Monday was my first day. What I learned from my day one… I could eat anything that was Whole30 safe and not nailed down. Just between 5 pm and 7 pm, I had a big bowl of soup, fruit cup, raisins, cashews, almonds, tuna salad with and without Boston leaves, and celery with almond butter and raisins… Which was the last thing I ate. Tara said that was my body looking for carbs. All I know was I was hungry and had to eat now. But I didn’t go off of it.

Day 2 was the detox day for me. Huge headache in the morning and then at night I felt like this must how a junkie feels when they are getting off drugs. My skin was crawling, I was fidgety, and irritable was a nice way to put my mood… And I wanted pasta so damn bad I would have given away my pinkie toe. Who would want a toe for an exchange of pasta… No idea… But I was willing to find out. Tara told me again this was normal as I was getting rid of the chemicals. Again I survived day 2.

Day 3, I was tired. I napped for 3 hours and went to bed at 8. I had little patience. But I noticed I didn’t have to eat as much which was good. And I didn’t have as many cravings. I also notice the soup didn’t taste as good as 2 days ago… Which annoyed me. Tara reminded me the taste buds are changing. And I made it through day 3.

Day 4, which is today… I didn’t need a nap. I’m a little cranky but I don’t feel tired. I walked all around the mall with my mom looking for stupid coconut milk I could drink in my coffee – see cranky – but I didn’t get tired and my back didn’t hurt. So far it’s 4 pm and instead of napping I’m blogging… So that must mean something. Again, thank God for Tara because she helped me find the coconut milk I could drink before I got really frustrated.

There is a theme. My sister is doing this for the second time and is on day 6. She is my support and if it wasn’t for her 24/7 hotline I would have given up on day one.

So almost 4 days down 26 to go.  I won’t write about every day but I will keep you posted on this journey.

Talk soon.



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