Baby Teenager


By Robyn

I am trying my best to have some blogs written for my sister to be able to post. I am always asked when the next one will be coming out, and honestly we slacked over Christmas. So to get back at it, I decided to talk about an update on baby girl.

As you know,  I have been worried about baby girl for a while. And I have thought about this time and time again on how much, if at all, I would be putting into my blog – considering I do not have all the answers yet.

What I will say is she is slightly developmentally delayed, and is going for an evaluation to get more answers. She is also starting a new intensive program on January 12 to help her catch up. Yay her!!!

I am so proud of my baby girl. She is so strong and independent. She amuses me to no end. Today, she was playing with her little purse, and she would take my cell phone and put it in the purse. Then she would take it out and pretend to talk on it – looking like a little baby teenager – then she would stuff it back in her purse again. She just does funny little things.

I have learned so much from having her in my life. I have grown in ways I didn’t even know I had to grow. This may not be exactly how I pictured my life…  It’s better.


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