Bestest Friend

By Robyn

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This is going to be considered a fluff piece. There will be no real advice or revelations, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about lately (I am writing this in Dec, but probably will be posted in Jan).

Best friends. What does that word mean to you.? I’m lucky enough to have 3 amazing best friends. My bestest friend in the whole wide world Sara, my sister Tara and my husband Stephen.

I love each of them equal but different. Today, I am going to focus on my bestest friend Sara. Since our anniversary is coming up I thought I’d talk about our best friendship.

Sara and I became friends on New Years Eve when 2002 became 2003. We were at a party, not really enjoying ourselves,  so we started talking. It was like a click happened and I found a piece of my soul I didn’t know was missing. A kindred spirit.

After that we were inseparable. I’m going to share with you something I shared at her wedding, and in turn she shared at mine. Something that I found amusing. We were watching that tv show “That’s so Raven “.  The main characters name was Raven. So Sara decided to make fun of the name. “Who would name their kid Raven? Why not name their kid Blue Jay or Crow?” I looked at her with a look of oh Sar seriously? And was like “Sara…  My name is Robyn.” She then looked at me with this horrified look on her face and was like ” I’m so sorry”. We laughed about it hard. She is just my amazing best friend.

On a serious note we have had our ups and downs over the past 12 years. We had fights, we made up, we went down different paths from each other, we were in different parts of our own lives… We got through break ups, deaths, depression. We went through laughter, new jobs, graduations, weddings, and new life. We have been through so much and we stood by each other as a supporter, as an encourager, as someone we couldn’t live our lives without.

No matter how long we go not talking, as soon as we talk it’s like no time has passed.

As I’ve said before, she was a missing piece to my soul. With this type of best friend you don’t have blood, or a ring/legal agreement to tie you to that person. It’s a commitment everyday to choose to keep your friendship alive. I can honestly say I am so lucky to have her in my life. She’s My Bestie.


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