Being in the moment


by Robyn

I haven’t written in a while, and I’m so sorry for that. I have been processing and helping baby girl with her speech. I am mostly just focusing on that. Right now, we are teaching her productive play, which  is one of the stages before she starts to talk.

I focused so hard on her development that I would worry all day, and cry at night. Worry about what’s to come. Worry if she is progressing fast enough. Worry that I did something wrong. I worried so much I finally reached out and started counselling to learn coping skills.

And what we discovered… The more I worry, the more I am not present with her. The more I am not enjoying her in the here and now. I’m not in the moment with her, and I am missing her life as it is now.

So, I am trying to be in the moment. It’s something I was working on at work, and I realize it’s something I need to do across the board. And you know what happens when you’re in the moment? You see amazing things.

Baby girl can now count to 10. She knows most of her ABC’s. She goes for walks holding my hand. She loves to jump on the bed. She loves faces of animals. She understands no, even though she hates when she is told it. Her and I both get annoyed at the same things. We both find the same things amusing. She loves to be tickled. And loves when I smell her “stinky” feet. She learns very quickly at the tasks we teach her, and now she loves to push a baby in a stroller and feed it a bottle. She loves french fries and smoothies. She has fierce personality. And she is a little sponge and loves to learn.

She is amazing in every way. The more I’m in the moment, the more I see her for her. She is developing, learning, and growing. And we have fun. We love to laugh and play. I am loving every minute of it.

With me being in the moment and really appreciating her for who she is, my worrying about tomorrow is not as strong. I see hope. She will be OK.



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