Whole30 – First week


Today will be my 4th day following Whole30.

So with starting the whole Dietbet that I talked about before (link here) I decided I was going to try following Whole30. They clearly say in their book and website that this is not a weight loss diet, but after reading I have seen that a lot of people have lost weight on it. So I thought Dietbet is something new that I’m trying, why not use this time to try a completely new way of eating? I am a pasta, cheese loving fiend. I could eat some form of it everyday for the rest of my life. Plus I LOOOVVEE pizza, chips, french fries. If it’s greasy, salty and carby – I’m on board!

Normally when I follow diets I’m all about the calorie counting. But when I have a craving for lets say chips – well no problem – here is a baked version. Craving fries – no problem – baked version. Pizza? no problem! Here is a low-calorie, thin crust, light cheese version! But with Whole30 there will be none of that. I’m supposed to look at my cravings and deal with them or whatever emotion has brought them on.

It’s going to be one of the hardest and most challenging 30 days I’ll have – but I realize that I’m worth the effort.

The one part of the program I won’t be able to follow is not to weigh yourself through the whole 30 days. I want to see how the Dietbet is going, plus it will be over before the 30 days of Whole30 will be, and I need to weigh myself at the end.

On the website they actually tell you how you’re probably going to feel as you go along. It’s been pretty accurate for me so far. Day 3 I woke up to a massive headache, and I’ve been a bit cranky depending on what I’ve been faced with. Food also on day 3 was HORRIBLE (snot chicken anyone?). Both lunch and supper I was disappointed with, but my husband and I sat down with the book, and some recipes I found online, and we have some different ones to try. (Lunch was amazing 🙂 )

I can’t wait to see what will happen to my body and brain in the next few days. I’ll check in with you to discuss it soon!!




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