Dietbet – Giving it a try


So the last while I’ve been slacking on the whole I have to eat better “campaign” for myself. I was sick for about 2 weeks so I ate pretty much anything that didn’t upset my stomach. And once I started feeling better I’ve been just letting myself eat any craving that pops into my head. I have decided that I need to get things back under control and I was trying to decide what I wanted to try next to keep me motivated. I was on YouTube watching some videos and I came across one from Olivia and Hannah (from The Biggest Losers) and it was titled “Double the DietBet”. I was curious, did they have a bet with each other, or was it a new diet I wasn’t aware of? So I clicked on the link.

After watching the video I was really interested. I thought I’ve spent so much money on different diets and trying new things. But this is something that if I’m successful – I myself will actually get paid back my money. And it’s possible I may make more money then I put in. I’m not only investing in myself physically but also financially.

After talking about it with my husband I realized I wanted to give it a try. And I want to get other people to join too! So I have invited a bunch of my family and friends and I thought we could all try this together. Make it a community where we can all support and encourage each other to lose a bit of weight. I’m really looking forward to it, and if you guys want to try I encourage you to join too!

It starts on Sept 28th, so I’ll be helping my family get everything setup and get their pics and measurements done this weekend. I’ll do my best to update my progress on here once in a while and at the end I’ll discuss if I felt the dietbet helped me with my goals or not.

In case you want to join us you can find the link here: !!!!

Talk soon!




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