Why I (Robyn) blog

ice-cream-246161__180By Robyn

I was sitting here thinking about my next blog, and I thought to myself “self… writing the style I choose to blog can be very therapeutic…..” Wait this is totally a blog coming to me. So I grabbed my phone and then this short little blog was formed. It does not have any crazy revelations in it – it just explains why I choose this type of blog style… So, let’s continue the thought.

Writing the style I choose to blog can be very therapeutic. Gathering your thoughts, putting them down, it’s like a release of emotions. It helps you process how you really feel. Helps sort through the garbage in your head and know the truth about a situation.

It also can be scary as hell.

When I choose to write a blog, it’s like opening up an inner part of me that only my close family and friends know… And sometimes I do not even express it to the extent as I do here. It’s like my thoughts are lying here naked and exposed. And I allow people to read them.

So why do I do that? Why do I express myself in a way that has me exposed to the world? Because I know I am not the only one going through these thoughts. I am not the only one who worries constantly about their child, marriage, job, self-awareness… overall life. Between that, and it being a way to process my life, it’s a no-brainer to continue telling my audience how my thoughts work.

So I write. Try to give tips and tricks. Give my experiences. Hopefully with a little humor. As I said it helps me work through my anxiety and my down days to know the truth. And if it helps someone out there as well, read someone else who feels what you’re going through…. Well that’s the cherry on the sundae isn’t it?



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