Coming Together


By Robyn

It’s another one of those nights where I need to catch up on writing a blog…  And I have no idea where to go.  So, I’m just going to let it come to me. I hope.

I started to discuss baby girl needing to go to speech therapy and my anxiety towards it… But I feel like that wound is open too big…  It’s too raw right now…  To go into detail. I am still processing, and we just started to put the intervention into practice. So that got erased. Though, I feel as I need to write something to help me through this whole thing.

I (as you know)  am tired all the time. This you may not know, my husband is a crazy gamer. You can always find him on the computer, on his cell, sorting magic cards, or other gaming things. When we bought our house, I made sure there was a room just for him to have his friends over and game. Right now (as I type this) he has friends over playing with little miniature figurines and doing god knows what. Is it like playing with dolls? I have no idea. I am on the top floor in our bedroom typing away on my phone.

Now… there is a point. My husband and I love our daughter so much, however being new to this whole parent thing I would nap and my husband would play on his cell phone while baby girl would toddle around talking to herself, singing and playing.

So, part of our intervention is teaching her to play appropriately with her toys. Roll the ball, roll the truck on the ground, push the top, close the toys, stack the blocks,  ect…

Which brings me to this. Husband and I became a united force. When we realized it was our actions that caused the delay, we stepped up and put aside what it was that hindered us, and did what we had to do. We do not have our cell phones out when she is awake anymore. That’s like asking Stephen to cut off part of him. He says his first love was always games. And he stopped. No questions. No hesitation, for his baby girl. I go to bed pretty much when I get off work, I am going to counselling to learn coping skills for my anxiety, and starting to eat right and exercise. We also completely turned the TV off, and we play. Really showing her how things work.

We also became a united front for teaching her what no actually means, and boundaries. Teaching her to hold our hand when we walk outside. In 2 days she went from screaming holding our hand, to allowing each of us to hold one hand, and enjoying it.

My husband and I did not question what we had to do. We just did it. And not only that, but my extended family and babysitter were on board. United. All to help this little girl be the best she could be.

Stephen and I needed guidance. And when we got it, we worked from where baby girl was at, and in less than a week you can see her growth. We stood together, and I am so proud to say he is my husband. I am so thankful for the help I am getting with my extended family and friends.  And, I am beyond words for my baby girl. The growth we have seen…  She is amazing.



One thought on “Coming Together

  1. I’m so proud of you and Stephen. Children don’t come with instructions so we all stumble through raising them. You and Stephen will help her develop into the best person she can be no doubt. You are very smart to ask for help when it is need. Again I’m proud of both of you.

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