What was the catalyst that changed your life?

what is the catalyst that changed your life

By Robyn

The title is exactly what this blog will be about. Have you really thought about this? Was it when you decided to buy a donut,  and that made you thirsty?  This caused you to go into the store and you found the love of your life? Or, were you walking down the street and your shoelace untied, causing you to trip and you found yourself catching your footing in front of some puppies that needed to be rescued – now you have a dog named Henry that you could not live without? What caused your moment that changed your life forever?

Really you could trace everything back further and further. But usually there is one thing that is a turning point. For me, it was this stupid cyst that kept coming back under my armpit.

Back in late 2010, I broke up with my fiance in around November. I knew the relationship was done for about 6 months, I just did not want to admit I failed at it. I was mentally ready to move on, and being in the child and youth care field, there was not very many chances to find a guy there. I was working 60+ hours a week, so I turned to Internet dating.

I found a guy’s profile that said he was from Ireland and was pretty interesting. We talked back and forth,  and we emailed only for the first month. December 1 we finally met, and his famous first line to me was “I thought you would be taller” is something we will joke around about for the rest of our lives.

I will not go into details of our whole relationship right now because that is not the point. I want you to know how my life was changed forever.

In Jan 2012, my cyst was being removed because from 2010 until now it just progressively got worse. Once I had it removed, I had to take antibiotics to make sure there was no infection left.

So I went to the pharmacy to ask about my prescription. I asked if I needed a back up method of birth control, as I was on the pill and I knew that most antibiotics you need a back up…  Or better yet just wait until they are done so there would be no surprises. I was told I should be fine. So, I went on my merry way.

During this time I was being treated for anxiety. I was put on some medication by my doctor, and I was mentally exhausted. Horrible nightmares, sick to my stomach… It was not good. So when my period was supposed to roll around, I thought oh man now the stress is really messing with my body. I waited until Thursday, which is when I was supposed to start my new pack of pills. I decided to take a pregnancy test just to be on the safe side. I was so positive I was not pregnant that I took the test at my now husband’s work.  It was just a formality to rule out  before I called the doctor to say my anxiety is getting worse.

In the smallest bathroom in the world,  that was under a set of stairs – I found out I was pregnant.

I came out and my now husband looked at me. I didn’t even tell him what I was doing, but he already knew. And he came over and hugged me telling me everything was going to be OK, as I started to have a melt down.

Over the next few weeks, we then discussed marriage and I told him I did not want to get married just because I was pregnant. He told me we were just upping the time line and he was going to ask me when we come back from Ireland in July. So a month later around March 26/2012 we were engaged. On June 9/2012 we were married.  And in October 2012, we had the most beautiful baby girl I have ever laid my eyes on. March 2014 we bought our first house.

All of this happened, and it is brought back to that cyst I thought was annoying. That cyst is the reason for my life now. There was a lot of ups and down to get to the point we are now, but as my daughter sits beside me cuddling with blankets, and my husband playing with her, in the family home we live in… Or just watching as the two of them have are carrying a big red ball in Walmart… I would not for a moment wish for this to be any other way.


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