Flying to Florida

Travelling to Florida Part 3


So Robyn and I decided the next thing we’d talk about is how to make flying easier on yourself. Robyn has some experience to share about flying pregnant and also some ideas on how to make things easier while bringing children with you. Hope you guys have a great flight next time you travel somewhere!!

  1. Print out all confirmations and put a copy in your carry-on and your luggage I might be a bit paranoid but before I go I print out multiple copies of everything and keep them in different locations. Any tickets I had bought in advance, the car confirmation, hotel confirmation, etc. I print out a few copies, put one in my carry on, one in my luggage and just to make sure one in my friend’s luggage. This way if something happens to one of those bags I have a backup and I’m never worried about losing them.
  2. Bring your own Earphones – I’ve been on a lot of flights that have the built-in TV\radio stations which is awesome, but it sucks when you have to pay 3 bucks for some ear phones. I always try to make sure that I have my own set and that way I never have to worry about it.
  3. Bring a device to listen to music\play games on – This is pretty basic, not all flights have the built-in TVs. Depending on how long the flight is, it can get pretty boring. I like to have a tablet, smart phone, laptop, or even a book\magazine\newspaper to use to help with the boredom.  Also if you have kids I’d recommend having some type of entertainment for them and one of these things might help!
  4. If you do not need a carry-on bag, bring a bag and lay it flat in your luggage – On the way to your destination you might not have to have a carry on with you, but on the way back if you plan on doing some shopping you might not have enough space in your luggage for everything. It’s good to have the extra bag handy especially if you think your luggage is going to break max weight. Sometimes the extra you have to pay can be quite expensive.


Flying Pregnant:


Before you go:

  1. Tell your OBGYN you are flying – Depending on where you are in your pregnancy and how long you are flying for, you may have to get yourself some ultra-cool compression socks. When I was over 20 weeks flying to Ireland which was a 6-8 hour flight in total, I had to sport these socks. However, when I was 11 weeks flying to Florida over a 3 hour worth of flying, I did not.
  2. Be prepared for motion sickness – You can buy bracelets that use acupuncture by pushing into your wrists in a certain spot to help coping with the nausea. Or, I recommend taking Gravol with you. Both the drowsy and non-drowsy are safe to take while pregnant. My stomach could only handle drowsy, so wait until you have boarded the plane before you take it. You do not want to be passed out and miss your flight. Also, ALWAYS ask your doctor before taking anything while pregnant
  3. Bring a battery operated fan – Trust me, when you are overheated and you feel like you’re going to be sick, this can be a life saver. It helps you keep cool, and hopefully keep down your lunch.
  4. Bring small, easy to digest snacks – If you know crackers will help, bring them. If sucking on a candy helps with motion sickness, make sure you pack those too.
  5. As embarrassing as this is, bring some sort of pads – Ladies if you have ever been pregnant, I am not ashamed to admit, peeing yourself can happen. So, if you don’t know if you will make it to the bathroom at the airport on time, or when you throw up you leak, I recommend wearing these during your travels to show up in dry pants.

On the plane

  1. Locate the barf bags – there USUALLY is a barf bag in the front seat pocket. Trust me when I say you need to know where this bag is the moment you sit down on the plane.
  2. Know where all the bathrooms are – If you are about to toss your cookies, you need to know where you are heading to do it. When you are running to the bathroom, bring the bag with you. There could be a line up and you may not make it in time – ask me how I unfortunately know this.
  3. Get yourself some water – small sips of cold water helps you keep cool, and keep your stomach from churning. Do not gulp it down, or you will see it come back in a matter of minutes, and nobody wants that.
  4. Tell the flight attendants you’re pregnant and may need to walk around – They will be very accommodating. I ended up standing in the very back of a plane on the way to Florida for the majority of the flight because it was nice and cool, close to the bathrooms, and the flight attendants could keep an eye on me.

Flying with a child


I have yet to travel with Baby girl on a flight, however when I was 11 weeks pregnant going to Florida, I sat beside a couple who had a little guy and they gave me a few tips for travelling. They are a little vague, however great starting points to research when you are travelling

  1. Have them drink while taking off and landing – Especially if you have babies to help them with their ears
  2. Bring a car seat – You can bring a car seat and have it checked in with your luggage for free or minimal cost
  3. If you need to bring a stroller – you can also bring your stroller and have that checked in at the gate right before you board the plane, and pick it up as soon as you get off the plane for again no to minimal cost. Also get yourself some mommy hooks for the carry-ons you need to drag around with you.
  4. Carry-On for your baby – Your baby is considered a person so they get their own carry-on bag. Some airlines allow this on top of the baby bag. So check out that option as well. You can get yourself a massive baby bag to carry everything you need and more for the flight, and then have a smaller compact one lying flat in your luggage for when you reach your destination and are running the roads.
  5. Buy Diapers at Destination – Also, check to see if you can buy all your diapers at your destination at a reasonable price. Save you from luggage that is just full of diapers.
  6. Check for allowed liquids for the baby on a flight – Before you leave, make sure you check out the regulations you are allowed to have for when it comes with liquids and having a baby.

Tara and Robyn


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