Las Vegas for First Time Visitors – Things You Should Know!



Whether you’ve decided to take the plunge and head to Vegas for the first time or you’re considering it as your next vacation destination, here are a few useful things you should know.

1.  You can drink anywhere on the strip – which is four miles long!

2.  You can get half-price show tickets for a lot of the popular Las Vegas shows at one of the booths that are located on the strip (near the Riviera, near the Fashion Show Mall, the Hawaiian Marketplace by the Monte Carlo or downtown).

3.  There are many free attractions that are worth checking out such as the Bellagio Fountains, the Pirate Show at Treasure Island (weather permitting, there is a lot of fire work involved so if it’s too windy, the show does NOT go on), and the Fremont Street Experience to name a few.

4.  You can enter any one of the hotels and have fun in their casinos.  Be sure to check out some of your neighboring hotels for great deals such as $1 Margaritas at Casino Royale.

5.  If you plan on walking everywhere, it’s best to get a hotel right on the strip.  If you have a vehicle, it’s fairly easy to get around and most hotels have free parking.  Taxi’s cannot stop on the strip – they can only pick you up and drop you off in designated taxi areas.

6.  If you plan on doing a lot of drinking and partying, I recommend you stay right on the strip.  Walking is your best bet when going from club to club.  Getting a taxi from a hotel outside the strip to your party destination point can be a pain if there is a lot of traffic.

7.  Visit the Grand Canyon!  It is a 3-4 hour drive from Las Vegas but worth the time and money.  There are bus tours that will take you from designated spots on the strip to the Canyon or you can rent a car and drive up.  This is what we did and it was awesome driving through the desert, going at our own pace.

8.  It gets hot in Las Vegas, it’s a desert, dress comfortably and make sure you wear a ton of sunscreen.

9.  If you plan on gambling, the odds are better at the tables than playing the slot machines.  You can also earn free drinks while you gamble!

10.  Be sure to visit Old Las Vegas!  It’s where it all began, it’s cheaper than the strip and the odds at gambling are better there.

11.  If you want to get a tattoo, there are some really great artists located off The Strip where it’s also much cheaper.

Have fun in Vegas and if you can’t be good, be safe!

– MJ


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