Starting Low GI Diet

After getting a test result back that showed I have Insulin Resistance I started to look at what I was eating and realized that I needed to make a change. Growing up I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t chubby or over weight, and for the most part it didn’t really bother me. Now as an adult I’ve had my ups and downs (mostly ups) and I realized it wasn’t normal to feel tired after I ate the majority of the time, and even when I ate what I thought was “healthy” I realized there was still a lot of junk food I needed to stop eating.

After doing a bunch of research on the best way to eat for my issues I realized that I’d like to give the Low GI (Glycemic Index) diet a try. I knew that it wouldn’t be possible for me to eat that way every single meal 365 days a year. But I thought even if I can just make some major changes at home and cut out most of the processed foods that I have been eating I would probably start to feel better.

Today will be the end of the 2nd week of trying to make a change. Unfortunately I’ve had birthday parties, multiple family BBQ’s and too many leftovers to deal with in just those 2 weeks, but I feel that I’ve made my best effort to follow a low GI lifestyle whenever possible. And during week 2 I started going back to the gym. The weight hasn’t dropped off of me as quickly as I’d like it to so far, but I feel more alert on most days and I have been feeling great after the gym.

I’ve told myself just take one day at a time – and eventually it won’t feel like such a huge effort to force myself to go to the gym or to make\eat whole nutritious food everyday instead of the prepackaged garbage I’ve been stuffing my face with. I think I can do it and I hope to share some of the recipes I try, and how everything is going. Hope to talk to you soon!!


Starting Low GI Diet


2 thoughts on “Starting Low GI Diet

  1. I wish for you much success with the low GI Diet. I look forward to trying the recipes you share as most of us should be eating a low GI diet and then we would not have the sugar cravings and low energy during the day. Best wishes.

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